We wish you a warm welcome to…..The original, the famous and the much celebrated,


A Twentieth Century Conception

WINE – chosen with care, priced to be reasonable for the quality

ALE – we offer a fantastic selection of interesting ales from a number of local brewers

COOKHOUSE – virtually our entire menu is freshly cooked (i.e. not ‘ready made’ so this is why you don’t see ‘homemade’ on some dishes as you do in most pubs…because here it’s nigh on all homemade! i.e. we cook it ourselves). Even though the portions are on the ‘very generous’ side, we tend to keep the bill lower than the local competition. We opt for honest quality of ingredients and source locally and use local trades, supplies and consumables wherever possible, which means you are our customers and we are yours!

Oak Gift Vouchers

£10 gift vouchers – perfect for a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement or a thank you!

(Available to purchase at the bar)

A Note From Chef;
‘Please bear with us; we consider quality far more important than speed!’
(However, if you are in a hurry please let us know when you order) Sausages – ‘Marchants Hoggs’TM and the burgers, ‘Blacks Burgers’, are all made to our own recipes by literally, our own butcher. Upon the unavailability of a product, I do my best to replace it with one of equal quality

Thank you

David Robbins – Head Chef

No Service Charge is ever added to any bills (nor the dodgy ‘optional’ service charge that’s already in the total!), if we deserve a tip then we believe that our customers, if they so wish, will reward extra good service appropriately

n.b. unfortunately we cannot take gratuities by credit or debit card

‘I am really, extremely proud of my pub and really enjoy running it, and we all want you to really enjoy visiting and re-visiting it! ‘

Mark Godding – General Manager

Blake Hegarty – Manager